These two balls of fluff (and fat) are my babies.

This is Mouse. She’s the oldest and fattest. She’s a sassy sweetheart who spends most of her days sleeping, rolling around on the kitchen floor, or fretting about attacks from her brother. She has a very meek meow and a penchant for sucking her toes when she’s happy.

This is Buster. He’s the baby, and a big one at that. He loves to cuddle and make biscuits on the fattiest parts of my body. He spends most of his days tormenting Mouse, running and sliding into things (including his food and water bowl), drinking out of the toilet, sink and bathtub, ¬†and hiding under the couch or bed.

They could not be more different, and sometimes they can cause quite an uproar, but we love them just the same.