June 2017

How To Plan A Playground?

A playground must be big enough for the kids to play, run, move and jump. Think that which play equipment will be perfect for your children.  Make necessary plans for well functioning and even physically challenged kids. 

Space is required – It is suggested that a space of about 20’X 20′ will be required for the playground. This minimum amount of space is needed for supporting the normal swing set, slip and any other type of kids outdoor play equipment. You can create a big playground with more space if you want.

If you wish to add more outdoor equipment and good kids cubby houses, then you will need to add more space to the playground. You can keep the playground’s surface sandy, woody and other things, so that the kids and even elders of different age groups can easily walk on the playground’s surface without much problem. Make a list – When you will make a playground for the first time, you may miss out some vital things. So, at first make a list of equipment that you want to include in the playground. Think that from where you can buy such outdoor play equipment for kids. You can purchase all these things from a reliable shop or from the popular online shopping websites. You may get the chance to buy the equipment in a discounted price if you purchase them in bulk online. Even, you can buy some good quality used equipment too. Before buying any equipment, just estimate your budget. If you have a tight budget, then you can buy some items now and the rest afterwards. You can seek advice from your family members, relatives, friends and colleagues and so on if you are confused. Pay a visit to other playgrounds and try to find out that why some playgrounds are famous among the local people. Things to buy – A seating arrangement ought to be done in the playground. For this purpose, you have to purchase a shade and some benches or chairs. You can plant some trees in the playground also. Place some benches under the tall trees, so that others can sit there. When the commoners will seat under the shade of tall trees, the sun’s hot rays will not fall on them.  Add swings for the kids. It is a truth that kids also love to sway or spin in the tire swings. Slides are always seen in each and every playground. So, don’t forget to include slides in your playground! Sand pits will give the kids a chance to make many sand castles.

Problems Faced By Working Women

Unlike the past where women used to only take care of children and the household, nowadays the number of working women has increased immensely. Women are thriving in their professions, holding high positions in the business world. However, with success comes a great deal of obstacles. So here are some of the most common problems that working women face at present.

Work-life balance

A working woman is expected to play a double role; one at work and another at home. She is expected to follow her passion while also maintaining good family relationships. A balance between these two roles is one of the main problems that she faces. It can be a daunting task to complete the project report on time while tending to your children’s homework, attending an important meeting while participating in your child’s kindergarten Newtown parents-teacher conference. Hence women are expected to use their multitasking skills and maintain balance.

Career opportunities

The number of career opportunities that come women’s way is very less compared to men. It could be thought that people assume women are not good or worthy enough for a ground-breaking opportunity. However, there could be some inabilities too to take up such opportunities due to family ties. It is not as easy as leaving your child at a trusted family day care and going to work. You may have to move to another area or change your daily timetable. No matter what said and done, family comes first.

Discrimination and harassment

Discrimination starts at the interviewing process itself where women are thought to be less competent and skilled, and hence are rejected. Rather than complimenting and encouraging women, most people let them down. They are always being told they are weak and unable. Also, sexual harassment, theft, molestation etc. are very common at work places today. The biggest problem is when women do not raise their voices against it. Silence is not the solution.

Gender-wage gap

Women are poorly rewarded for their work at an organization. If you compare two equal posts in an organization, it can be noticed that the woman is paid less. The cause for this is again assuming that women are not competent enough. Achieving parity in this world will take a long time, however taking the first step towards it is every person’s responsibility.

Tips To Buy A Buggy For Your Baby

It is very difficult to carry your baby every time when you go out to buy some grocery items. So, just buy a buggy to keep your little bundle/s of joy in it and complete your shopping without any difficulty.  

Expecting twins, triplets? When you are expecting twins or triplets, you must purchase such buggies that will solve your problems. In the present times, majority of the buggies have a double option on one stroller. Buy a triple stroller for your triplets

Fold and open – While buying a buggy for triplets, you should see that whether the buggy can be easily folded or not. And make sure that you can open it again without much difficulty. You ought to buy that buggy which you can fold with one hand while you are carrying/hold your baby/babies by another hand. Don’t let anybody else to buy it. You need to have some practice to fold a buggy in a right way. 

Are you a fitness freak? If you are a fitness freak, then you will try to jog every morning with your babies. Jogging buggies are difficult to find in a market. But, you can get it in two kinds – a) The buggies which have a swivel wheel, b) The buggies which have a stationary wheel. Some jogging buggies also have a hand-operated brake. If you wish to go on hiking and walking for a long distance, then you must buy a buggy which has a stationary wheel. It is true that only a right jogging stroller can give a smooth ride to the new mom and her baby. 

More options – You can buy a buggy which has a large basket. This is important as when you will be shopping with your baby, you can put some products in it if you cannot hold it in your hands. You can purchase a buggy in which you can get a cup-holder feature. 

A designer buggy – If you are a trend follower and a style lover, then you will wish to buy designer buggies. You can get fashionable and beautiful buggies for your child in the market. But, for buying the designer buggies, you have to waste more money. 

Online stores – You can buy a buggy online too. But, check the specifications and features of the buggy. See what other customers are telling about the product. You may get a buggy in a discounted price sometimes. Choose the ‘cash on delivery’ option as giving credit card details to an unknown website can be risky!