33 Weeks Update



Don’t ask what happened to week 31’s picture. I’ve tried to be diligent about taking weekly pictures, but week 31 just slipped through the cracks. I feel like that’s the week I decided I had no clothes to wear, and after an unsuccessful shopping day determined that department stores have some kind of prejudice against pregnant women. I remedied this by ordering 4 dresses from Target. I returned two of them because they didn’t fit, as is the pitfall of online shopping, but two worked out fabulously (one pictured above), so I’m feeling a little better about my wardrobe these days.

How far along? 33 weeks and 5 days
Baby is the size of: Durian Fruit (whatever that is)
Total weight gain: 28 pounds
Stretch marks: Just a few in the boob area.
Maternity clothes: Yes. As I get bigger some things in my wardrobe are getting tighter or I just don’t want to wear them because they aren’t comfortable. Dresses are heavenly though. I plan to get a few more before this baby pops out. If I get the right cut, I can wear them after pregnancy too.
Sleep: Sleep is fine, although I’m feeling more fatigued lately than usual so I’ve been getting in bed earlier than usual. I still wake up frequently to go to the bathroom, but I fall back asleep pretty easily most nights.
Best moment (s) this week: Realizing Friday night before falling asleep that I didn’t have to work the next day. Sometimes it’s the small things. We also had a very productive Saturday. We washed a ton of baby clothes, rags, towels, sheets, etc., and got them all stored away. Her closet and dresser are full!
Movement: Yes. Some days she squirms all day long. She does night like when I am sitting, and when I work too hard, I feel like she gives me a little kick or a punch to tell me to slow down. It’s funny watching her move now because my whole stomach shifts from one side to the other. I film her moving quite frequently. I love watching her and imagining what she’s doing in there.
Food cravings: Actually yes. I’ve been wanting fruit lately. I haven’t really eaten a lot of fruit being pregnant because it gives me such bad indigestion, but my body obviously missed it so I’ve been eating more of it lately.
Food aversions:  Still saying Mexican and bacon. I will eat bacon, because I love it so much, but this last trimester every time I do I just feel like it sits in my throat all day long. For this reason I have been avoiding it.
Symptoms: Fatigue again, Indigestion, low back pain, middle and upper back pain, leg cramps, a little swelling, frequent urination, boob leakage and elevated body temperature. I feel like I stay hot all the time.
Gender: Sweet girl
What I miss: Not feeling out of breath and hot all the time.
What I am looking forward to: My baby shower next weekend. A few girls from church organized a baby shower for me and I’m pretty excited about it. I didn’t think I was going to have more than one shower, so it was a nice surprise. I’m also excited that I’m almost done with baby girl’s quilt! I worked on it for a long time yesterday. If I put my mind to it, I might just finish it today!

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