Morning Dates

One of my favorite things that Nick and I have been doing lately is having, what I like to call, “morning dates.” Sometimes our jobs can be pretty stressful so we both live for the weekends each week. We look forward to our Saturday mornings when we can cuddle a little longer and sit down and eat breakfast instead of munching on something while we are headed out of the door. Our hot spot used to be Dunkin Donuts. Every Saturday we would wake up and drive to DD, pick up our breakfast and go home and flop down in front of Netflix and watch whatever TV series we were involved with at the time. Several months back DD closed so we had to find a new breakfast spot. We live in a small town and there aren’t really many options for breakfast other than fast food places, but we settled on Waffle House and it has been our go-to morning date spot ever since.

Nick likes black coffee. I take mine with a little cream. Nick likes hash browns piled high with onions, peppers, ham and cheese and I am perfectly content with a blueberry waffle covered in syrup and butter. It’s not the most glamorous date in the world, but it’s my favorite. I know that no matter what kind of week I have, Saturday morning I get to sit across from my best friend and chow down on greasy breakfast food. I can eat as much as I want and be as messy as I want, and there is no judgment.

I was pretty bummed that Dunkin Donuts closed, but I’m also glad it did. If it were still open, we’d probably still be hitting up the drive-thru every Saturday and going back home instead of getting out of the house for a change. It’s nice to take some time together and enjoy our days off over carbs and coffee.



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